Barbarous! Indian woman raped 40 Men in 4 Days

Barbarous! Indian woman raped 40 Men in 4 DaysThe case of rape re-occurred in India. A young woman was given drugs and raped by 40 men for four days in northern India. A number of people including a local innkeeper, have been arrested over the rape.

As reported by AFP on Saturday (21/07/2018), in his report in writing to the police, 22-year-old woman was originally promised to get a job in lodging in the Haryana region. The promise of getting the job was delivered by someone he knew.

But upon arrival at the inn, the victim was even held, then given drugs and raped. Senior local police official, Rajendar Kumar Meena, told AFP that rape was committed by many men for four days in a row.
It was further mentioned by Meena that the perpetrators of rape there were 40 people. So far, only the innkeeper and an inn manager were arrested for the rape.

Added by Meena that three junior police officers were sentenced for investigation into the case. “It has been disabled for negligence and did not notify senior officials about this sensitive case,” he said.

In recent years, India has been ravaged by rape cases, according to official counts of local authorities, about 110 cases of rape are reported every day. The severity of sexual crimes cases in India became the global spotlight after a female student was raped in turns and was killed on a bus that rode on the streets of New Delhi in 2012. This case sparked a public outcry that was angry.

On the other hand, the case became a milestone for the law in India. Now the rule of law for sexual crimes in India is strengthened, especially against children. Although the strengthening of punishment has not been able to reduce the rampant sexual crime in India.

This week, Indian police arrested 17 people in a rape case against an 11 year old girl in Chennai. Later, six other men were arrested by police in Tiruvannamalai for the rape of a Russian tourist.