Awesome! This Man Make Motor Chopper Along 4 Meters

Awesome! This Man Make Motor Chopper Along 4 MetersIndian interior designer, Zakir Khan, makes unusual motor modifications. Zakir overhauled the Bajaj Avenger 220 motor into a long chopper.

He is claimed to have created the longest chopper motor in India. The length of this motor reaches 13 feet or about 4 meters. Zakir makes this bike in just 45 days.

Bajaj Avenger 220 engine has been designed to fit this chopper motor. The engine has been reset to provide higher power and torque for this long and heavy motor.

Front suspension is also quite long, 6 feet or about 1.8 meters intact. Complementing his motorcycles, the sound of the engine was so thundering.

To provide power, there is a fuel tank with a capacity of 50 liters. Naturally, the fuel consumption of this bigger made motor is only 7 km / liter. Understandably, this bike weighs up to 450 kg. This motor can be driven up to 120 km / hour.

Zakir hopes to have someone interested in buying it. But, it seems this bike is not feasible to use on the highway. Motor can be enjoyed on special road or just for exhibition