Awesome Sky of the ‘Angel’ of the Sky Hall of Texas

Awesome Sky of the 'Angel' of the Sky Hall of TexasA driver in Texas saw an unusual cloud appearance, which is shaped like an ‘angel’. He then photographed the cloud and uploaded it on Facebook’s social media.

Fox News reported on Thursday (08/02/2018), the upload then became viral. The driver named Danny Ferraro called the cloud ‘Texas angel’.

“This was at sunset when I passed on Hwy 105. It’s amazing not,” Ferraro said in his upload.

What Ferraro found later was re-uploaded by Fox 10. In his Facebook account, Fox 10 asked netizens whether the cloud was indeed like an ‘angel’ or not.

Some netizens comment that the cloud is similar to the form of ‘angel’, but others think differently.

“It’s like a praying mantis with clothes,” said a netizen.

“Like Julie Andrews in ‘The Sound of Music,” wrote the other.