Awesome! Mall in London Selling Iron Man Fly Costume

Awesome! Mall in London Selling Iron Man Fly CostumeThe fans of the movie Iron Man, certainly no stranger to flying costumes. Well, flying suit is now sold in one mall in the UK at a price of USD 443,428 or approximately USD 6.4 billion. Interested?

Reported by Reuters on Thursday (19/07/2018), the costume was made of five miniature jet engine mounted on the arm, and the pilot’s back. The decorations and electronic and 3D drawings made by Gravity Industries company are similar to those used by Robert Downey Jr. while acting as Iron Man.
Costume that weighs about 27 kg was able to drive with a speed of time 32 miles / hour or about 51.5 km / h and the altitude of 3,658 meters. Even so, the originator of ‘Iron Man’ costume Richard Browning suggested that the costume be used to fly no more than a few feet from the ground for safety reasons.

Browning has been using the costume for demonstrations around the world, and Wednesday (18/7) he flew on a closed road near the luxury mall Selfridges also sells the model of flying costume on demand.

“This costume spends about 4 liters per minute while flying, so you can fly three to four minutes, and we have another version, when winter when you get the thrust, the costume can fly for 9 minutes,” he said.
“That is the thing we want to develop but the inevitable consequence is to fly without wings,” he added.

Curious citizens can buy the fly costume at the Mall and do a test run. Anyone who will buy the costume will also be trained.

“If you are watching this you will probably feel more warmth than I am as a pilot – this is very calm and not hard – it’s very passive and gentle when you fly it,” Browning said.