At the Meghan Markle Mirror Kate Middleton’s Hairstyle

At the Meghan Markle Mirror Kate Middleton's HairstyleSince her marriage to Prince Harry, and being a Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle changed her hairstyle order. No more messy hair, but bouncy curl, wavy and low bun. Almost everything is reminiscent of Kate Middleton’s hairstyles.

Recently, while attending Queen’s Young Leaders Awards, Meghan styled her elegant bouncy curls hair. This style has been and is often synonymous with Middleton style.

And not just on the carpet, several times before, Meghan also styled her hair with elegant style. Here are some of them:

Low Bun
While performing for the first time in public after her wedding at Prince Charles’s birthday party, Meghan appeared with a chic updo hairstyle, with a classic low bun. Quoted from the Daily Mail, Meghan seemed to recreate the simple look seen on Kate before.

Brushed out waves
While attending Trooping the Color, Meghan appeared similar to Kate’s hairstyles in 2015 by letting her hair fall loose, bumpy and adorned with a beveled hat, and a pink outfit.

This one hairstyle is always fitted for the impression of elegance and Kate Middleton was synonymous with this style, there is even a designation of Chelsea blow-dry. Meghan imitated this hairstyle while attending the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards where she gave her hair volume.

While present at her first show with Queen Elizabeth, Meghan appeared with bouncy blow dry. Kate also often appears with voluminous curls before she cut short her hair late last year. Meghan seems to fit this hairstyle, which though looks a bit more relaxed but elegant as well.