At 96 years old, this grandmother is a Death Metal vocalist

At 96 years old, this grandmother is a Death Metal vocalistA 96-year-old grandmother is the vocalist of a death metal band in the United States (US).

Inge Ginsberg was born in Austria. But he fled to Switzerland when World War II raged to avoid the Holocaust.

During the war, she and her husband Otto Kollman lived in a refugee camp. Then they moved to Hollywood and started a new life.

Reported by Oddity Central Friday (08/03/2018), he had become a songwriter for a number of top 50s era singers such as Nat King Cole or Dean Martin.

However, he feels bored with life in Hollywood. “Everything is fake. So I decided to get out,” Ginsberg said. To fill old age, he often wrote songs and poems. But he felt frustrated because the message was not delivered.

Then he met a musician named Pedro De Siva who then gave him an unexpected solution; Death Metal music.
Siva revealed once in the summer, he saw Ginsberg writing a lyric about blood and death.

“I then read it and said to Inge. ‘What do you write this is like death metal songs’ lyrics,” recalled Siva. So at the age of 93, Ginsberg and Siva formed a band called TritoneKings.

Ginsberg was in charge of creating lyrics, while Siva arranged the music. He and his band participated in a number of talent search events. Among them are Switzerland’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent. “If I take part in competitions like talent search, millions of people will hear it on YouTube,” Ginsberg said.

He said, every song has a message. Among other things, do not destroy what cannot be rebuilt. Or humans cannot avoid death. So what can be done is to laugh when facing it.

“I always smile. I smile when I am poor or rich. Or when I smile, I can escape from the Holocaust,” he said.