Argentina needed to qualify for the last 16 World Cup 2018

Argentina needed to qualify for the last 16 World Cup 2018World Cup 2018 entered the phase of life and death in the group phase. In order to qualify for the last 16, this is needed by Argentina in the last game.

Argentina currently only collects one point from two World Cup 2018 matches. It makes Lionel Messi cs must be willing to be a key caretaker of Group D, lost on goal difference from Iceland who have the same points.
even so, Argentina still have a chance to qualify for the last 16 World Cup 2018. Of course there are conditions that must be met in order to seek escape.
For the record, the match-determination match of Group D will be played simultaneously on Wednesday (27/06/2018) early morning local time, namely Iceland vs Croatia and Nigeria vs. Argentina. Only Croatia has made sure to qualify for the last 16 World Cup 2018 and the competition of the other three teams is very fierce.
Here’s what Argentina needs to qualify for the last 16 of the 2018 World Cup and other team’s escaping scenarios, as ESPNFC summarizes:

– To really guarantee a break, Argentina must beat Nigeria while hoping Iceland does not win.

– If Argentina and Iceland are both winners, to qualify Argentina should be able to at once outperformed the goal difference from Iceland.

– If Argentina and Iceland are both winning and have identical results, the final position will be determined by the number of cards (so far Argentina can be 3 yellow cards while Iceland 0).

– Croatia have already qualified and need just one point against Iceland to finish as group winners, though goal difference makes them almost secure first place.

– Nigeria must beat Argentina to guarantee break even though a draw is enough as long as Iceland does not beat Croatia.

– To qualify, Iceland have to beat Croatia and hope Nigeria does not win from Argentina. If Nigeria series, Iceland have to win with at least two goals to match his goal difference and if their record is identical, Nigeria will pass thanks to the head to head. If Argentina win then to escape Iceland had to win with the same or better score.