Argentina Lost, Messi Fans It Ranb After Leave a Suicide Letter

An Argentinian fan, specifically Lionel Messi, disappeared after leaving a suicide note. It happened after Argentina defeated Croatia in the 2018 World Cup.

This event occurred in India, following the poor results Messi cs champion in his second match in 2018 World Cup event in Russia after a landslide 0-3 defeat of Croatia.
According to Indian newspaper Asian Age, Dinu Alex is known to be a big fan of Messi and Argentina suddenly disappeared right after witnessing the defeat of favorite team. The 30-year-old man was known to leave his home around midnight local time.

From the results of a local police investigation, it is known that Dinu Alex left a letter before leaving. In the letter he expressed his disappointment due to Argentina’s defeat to the point of wanting to end his life.

Police who track Dinu Alex’s whereabouts by using sniffer dogs then find his footprints ending in a river called the Meenachil River. There was a conjecture where he really had ended his own life.
This tragic story even came to Britain with The Sun’s media contributing reports based on a summary of Indian media reports.

One of them reveals how nge-fansnya Alex Dinu with Messi. In a stroke of his hand, he is called stating, “Messi, my life for you, can not wait to see you lift the Cup (World Cup).”

“My team is going to start an adventure, put my life on the line, I’ll do it,” read another article in the same book.

Alex’s father said that he saw his son enter the room around 23.30 local time. But when their family woke up the next day, Dinu Alex was gone. All they met in her room was an Argentine jersey, a cell phone cover depicting Lionel Messi, and a suicide note.