Argentina Already Qualified, Turn of Germany and Brazil Face Life-Dead Game

Argentina Already Qualified, Turn of Germany and Brazil Face Life-Dead GameArgentina has just ensured its breakthrough into the last 16 of the 2018 World Cup. Next is Brazil and Germany who must determine their fate. Continue or out?

A number of big teams must determine their fate on the final matchday of each group. Among them are Argentina, Brazil, and Germany.

Argentina has more ensure qualify for the round of 16 large. Melakoni party life dead counter Nigeria, Lionel Messi et al win 2-1.
The result left Argentina in the knockout phase of Group D. Albiceleste finished runners-up with four points, under Croatian who finished group champions with perfect points.
Next up is Brazil and Germany who must decide their fate. Germany face South Korea on Wednesday (27/6) night, while Brazil tested Serbia,
Brazil currently tops Group E with four points, equal to Switzerland. As for Serbia in third place with three points, then Costa Rica became caretaker.

Facing Serbia at Spartak Stadium, Brazil needs only a draw to ensure passes. If so, any result of Switzerland vs Costa Rica match will pass Neymar et al into the knockout phase.
While Germany has a more severe situation because all teams in Group F still have a chance to qualify. Currently Mexico leads with six points, followed by Germany and Sweden with three points, then South Korea who have not earned points.

Germany, who face South Korea at Kazan Arena, must win big to qualify. Even so, they have to wait for the results of Sweden vs Mexico.
If Sweden fails to win (lose or draw), then the Germany who escorted to accompany Mexico. But if Sweden win, and the score is greater than the victory of Germany vs South Korea, it is guaranteed Sweden to the 16th. If Sweden win, then the three teams (with Germany and Mexico) have six points and a break will be determined by looking at goal difference, productivity, and fair play records.

For that, Germany must win at least 2-0 over South Korea OR greater than the results achieved Sweden vs Mexico. But it is certainly not easy, given the Taeguk Warriors could have qualified for the win over Germany and at the same time Sweden lost by a larger margin than South Korea’s victory.