Appearance of Snakes Eat Wild Boar Live

Appearance of Snakes Eat Wild Boar LiveThe 6-meter long python snake captured by residents in Riau finally died. The snake was crowded with residents.

This python is captured by residents. This snake was found by residents around the cow pen in the Kampar River Village, Pelalawan District, Pelalawan District, Riau.

“The snake has died due to its mouth being slammed by residents. This snake is preying on wild boar. It should be that if the snake has eaten its prey it should not be closed,” said Muamar resident

Muamar aka Amar the snake lover said, because the snake’s condition accidentally died, the locals would skin it.

“People have agreed, the dead snake will be skinned. They will sell 6 meters of snake skin,” Amar said.

According to Amar skinned the snake because his condition was dead. But people don’t cook the meat.

“Their snakes will only be covered, the meat is not eaten,” said Amar.

As a snake lover, according to Amar, it should not be possible to catch a new python prey on its mouth.

“Because, in the condition after preying on the wild boar, the snake needs breathing. If the mouth is closed it will eventually die,” Amar said.
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Different if the snake, Amar continued, his condition did not run out. The possibility of a snake can still survive even though its mouth is closed.

“But the residents did not know that. They covered the mouth of the snake, for the sake of security alone,” concluded Amar.