Appear Video Hostage Origin Japan and Italy are Detained in Syria

The video showing two Japanese and Italian hostages was released by a militant group in Syria. In the video, the two hostages asked for help to be released.

As reported by AFP on Wednesday (1/8/2018), the two hostages were identified as a Japanese journalist named Jumpei Yasuda and an Italian man named Alessandro Sandrini who was held in Syria.

Both appear in two separate videos where the capture location is similar. The videos were released by the SITE Group, a group that specifically monitors and tracks militant organizations as well as radicals.

It was not mentioned further by SITE Group, which militant group was responsible for the hostage taking.

In the videos, both hostages were shown kneeling in front of the wall and wearing orange prisoners. Several armed men dressed all in black and covered their faces, standing behind them.

The report says Jumpei was abducted by the Al-Nusra Front group, a former Al-Qaeda alliance, in northern Syria since 2015.

In the video, Jumpei calls himself a Korean but he speaks Japanese. He called the video recorded last July 25. Jumpei also expressed himself in a bad situation and asked for help.

While Sandrini call videonya recorded on 19 July. Pronounced Sandrini in the video that the request for release this became his last request for the Italian government.

Reports of Italian local media say Sandrini was kidnapped in Turkey in Okter 2016, before being taken to Syria. Believed Sandrini comes from Brescia, Italy and is about 32 years old.