Alert! This is a vulnerable point for Bajing Loncat in North Jakarta

Alert! This is a vulnerable point for Bajing Loncat in North JakartaThe stealing mode of stealing in North Jakarta is once again troubling. People need to be aware of some points in North Jakarta that are prone to these crimes.

“(Prone point) along Jalan RE Martadinata, Marunda, Cilincing, Cakung, around that,” North Jakarta Metro Police Chief Sr. Comr. Reza Arief Dewanto told reporters at the North Jakarta Police Headquarters, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, Sunday (08/26/2018) .

The stealing mode of the jumping chip targets trucks that are covered with tarpaulin. They operate on roads that are often crossed by trucks and when traffic conditions are jammed.

Anticipating this, North Jakarta Police increased patrols at critical points. Patrol is not only done at night, but also during the day.

“(Police personnel) they do random patrols during times of trouble, the day is also there when the traffic jam, we move,” he said.

“The hours are prone to problems, meaning that their operating hours are sometimes night, sometimes that afternoon when they are jammed, they operate and at that time we operate,” he explained.

Action squirrel jumping on Jalan RE Martadinata, Kelapa Gading, Jakut had the chance to viral on social media. The police have arrested 3 of the 4 perpetrators.

“The average perpetrators are teenagers,” he said.