Aldi ‘Life of Pi’ Story Widespread in the 49 Day Sea World

Aldi 'Life of Pi' Story Widespread in the 49 Day Sea WorldAldi Novel Adilang (19) oscillated on Guam’s waters for 49 days with its wooden ship. The story of Aldi has been widely reviewed in international media, even referred to as the figure of Pi Patel in the film ‘Life of Pi’.

Aldi was carried away while fishing in Manado in mid-July 2018. He was later found on a Panamanian flagged MV MV Arpeggio on August 31, 2018.

The young man from Manado has now become an international spotlight. The UK-based media, BBC, on Monday (9/24/2018) wrote the story of Aldi drifting in the waters of Guam with the headline title ‘Indonesian teenager survivors 49 days adrift at sea in’ fishing hut ‘.

In the article it was written how Aldi’s struggle to survive for 49 days at sea. To eat, he caught fish and cooked them with wood that was burned from the ship’s fence. The story of Aldi is referred to as the figure of Pi Patel in the film ‘Life of Pi’.
A glimpse of the film released in 2012 tells the story of Pi moving to Canada using a small boat. During the journey across the fierce sea, he tried to survive with zebras, orangutans, hyenas, and Bengal tigers named Richard Parker.

“Every time he sees a big ship, he hopes to get help. But there are already 10 ships sailing past him. Nobody stops or sees him,” said the Indonesian Diplomat in Osaka, Fajar Firdaus.
Meanwhile, Fox News reported, while on board the ship, Aldi said he was so frustrated. He saw several ships in the distance but did not get their attention.

“In an interview, he (Aldi) thought he would die. But he held the Bible and read it,” excerpted excerpt in an article entitled ‘Indonesian teen survives 49 days adrift without paddle, but with Bible: report’.

Chinese media, the South China Morning Post, wrote ’49 days old Indonesian teen survivors at sea in wooden fishing. It was written that Aldi had been working to turn on a light bulb since the age of 16.

After being rescued, Aldi now gathered with his family in Wori, Manado, in good health. On September 8, 2018, the Indonesian Consulate General in Osaka accompanied Aldi’s return with a Garuda Indonesia flight through Tokyo.

“The Indonesian Consulate in Osaka would like to thank the parties who have helped the rescue process until Aldi’s return safely to the country,” wrote the Indonesian Consulate General in Osaka.