Alan Colmes Passed Away this morning after a brief illness

Alan Colmes passed away this morning after a brief illness. Alan Colmes passed away this morning after a brief illness. ┬áDEATH KNELL: Alan Colmes, who represented the liberal perspective on the Fox News Channel show “Hannity & Colmes,” passed way on Thursday, February 23, 2017.

The Fox News website reports that Colmes died after a brief illness. The cause of death hasn’t yet been disclosed.

Colmes also had a background in standup comedy. Said one source, “Colmes needed a strong sense of humor–and equally strong debating skills–to spar with Sean Hannity and other conservatives at Fox News.”

The “Hannity & Colmes” show was an early standout on the Fox News Channel when it debuted in 1996.

When Fox News split up the duo, and made Hannity the solo host as Barack Obama was about to begin his presidency, Colmes became a Fox News contributor, and worked for Fox radio, Kurtz writes.

In a statement, Hannity said, “Despite major political differences, we forged a deep friendship. Alan, in the midst of great sickness and illness, showed the single greatest amount of courage I’ve ever seen. And through it all, he showed his incredible wit and humor that was Alan’s signature throughout his entire life. I’m truly heartbroken at the loss of a dear friend.”

Colmes’ website has a brief statement about his passing, which says he is survived by “his adoring and devoted wife, Jocelyn Elise Crowley,” a professor of public policy at Rutgers University

“He was a great guy, brilliant, hysterical, and moral. He was fiercely loyal, and the only thing he loved more than his work was his life with Jocelyn.

He will be missed.

The family has asked for privacy during this very difficult time.”

Colmes was only 66 years of age.