Aircraft Crash Kills 112 People in Cuba, It Causes the Crash

Aircraft Crash Kills 112 People in Cuba, It Causes the CrashThe Boeing 737-200 crash of a Cubana de Aviacon airline leased from a Mexican company, Global Air, killed 112 people on May 18, 2018.

Operational Global Air is now suspended by Mexican authorities. Meanwhile, the management of Global Air revealed the cause of the plane crash that crashed in Cuba. Launched from AFP on Monday (16/07/2018), Global Air said the plane crash due to human error.

Studies conducted by international experts on the plane’s black box found that pilots took off too steeply. “The data revealed that the crew took off at a very heavy angle of incline, creating a lack of lift so that the plane crashed,” Global Air wrote on its official Twitter account.

On the other hand, the former employee of the airline accused the company of operating a plane that is dilapidated and life-threatening, like a radar night flight. The company said the allegations were made by disgruntled employees.

The Global Water Management is now requesting permission for its operation to be restored immediately. The aircraft involved in the accident in May was 39 years old and has passed inspection by the Mexican aviation authority in November 2017.

Global Air leases the aircraft along with the crew, to the national operator Cubana de Aviacion for domestic flights from Havana to the town of Holguin. According to witnesses, the plane crashed just as it made its first turn after taking off so it hit a potato field outside the capital. Only one person survived the accident. Meanwhile, the wreckage was destroyed.