Aircraft Crash in Swiss Alps, 4 Dead

Aircraft Crash in Swiss Alps, 4 DeadFour people were killed after a plane crashed into a glacier crest in the Swiss Alps. This is the latest fatal accident that occurred in the popular tourist area.

The plane crashed in an area known as the Dunand Pass, which is about 3,300 meters above sea level, police said in the Valais region of Switzerland. The deadly incident occurred on Friday (27/2) at around 16:45 local time.

The police identified the light aircraft as a four-seater plane, a French company, Robin. The plane departed from Sion airport.

After getting the alarm signal from the aircraft, the authorities immediately sent a rescue team to the top of the glacier. But they found the pilot and three passengers were killed on the spot.

Not yet known the cause of the crash.

“Things about the accident are not yet known,” the police said. The identity of the victims has not been ascertained.

This accident happened after an unusually cold winter in the Swiss Alps. A number of mountain climbers have been killed in a series of snow avalanches incidents.