Ahead of the World Cup Final, France Rails 110,000 Police

The French government deployed 110,000 police personnel to secure two important events at the weekend of Bastille Day and the 2018 World Cup Final. Bastille Day, the first anniversary of the French Revolution is usually colored by a military parade held on Saturday (14/7/2018).

The crowd continued with the 2018 World Cup final held on Sunday (15/08/2018) which is usually accompanied by watching movies together in various locations. In Paris alone, as many as 12,000 police, 1,600 soldiers, and 3,000 SAR officers were prepared. This was conveyed by Paris police chief Michel Delpuech.

Moreover, it is estimated no less than 90,000 people will be around the Eiffel Tower to watch the World Cup final through a giant screen. “We have never experienced such a crowd before,” said French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb.

Coinciding with the Day Bastille and the World Cup finals make the security efforts in a country that is still in standby condition after a series of terror attacks is increasingly complicated. The memory of truck attacks in 2016 in the city of Nice that killed 86 people and injured 458 others celebrating Bastille Day is still fresh in the memory of French citizens.

A year earlier, ISIS sympathizers carried out simultaneous attacks at eight locations in Paris, including the Stade de France Stadium, which killed 130 people. “All the steps have been done so that the French people can celebrate this crowd with a sense of security, although the threat of terrorists still exist,” added Collomb.

France’s interior ministry has issued a firm order to watch the show together during the entry points of closely watched citizens. France 24 television reported that security was tightened at the same time watching the scene together with the security that was done at the time France hosted the 2016 European Cup.

Meanwhile, Delpuech said the car would be banned from entering certain regions if France won the World Cup final. “The goal is that the 1998 incident will not happen again, when thousands of people are trying to get downtown to celebrate France’s success to become world champion,” Delpuech said.

“The result, there are three car crashes that resulted in one person died,” he added. Read also: World Cup Final 2018, Argentine Referee Leads France Vs Croatia As France beat Belgium in the semi-final match, hundreds of thousands of people gather in the Champs-Elysees to celebrate the success of the Roosters team.

The crowd of thousands of people then led to riots on Wednesday (11/07/2018) morning when police were forced to release tear gas after the mass pelted police with various types of objects.