Again, Bella Hadid Photo Without Clothing in Vogue Magazine

Again, Bella Hadid Photo Without Clothing in Vogue MagazineAs a professional model, Bella Hadid will certainly do anything for the job. Without exception to pose without clothes for a fashion magazine.

For the umpteenth time, Bella Hadid gave the pose ‘challenging’ it. This time, he appeared sensual in the July 2018 Vogue photo shoot.
With a body full of sand, 21 years old model was posing sexy only in her panties. Meanwhile, her wet hair partly reinforce the sexy impression on the photo nuanced black and white. Is Chris Colls, the photographer who shoots Bella for this photo shoot.

Another photo shows the fashionable side of Gigi Hadid’s sister. This time, Bella’s body wrapped in a long-sleeved black dress slicked with a tiny belt as an accent. The low cleavage of the dress remains accommodating the sexy aura of the model.
The photos at once mark the appearance of Bella Hadid in the cover of the magazine. “In this edition, we are heading for a bright and free era, challenging some taboos about how to visualize the sensuality of women, who is the right person to reflect on besides Bella Hadid,” reads a photo of Bella Hadid at Instagram Vogue Mexico.

Of course this is not the first time Bella Hadid appear so. Two years ago, Bella successfully steal the attention with her topless poses in Vogue Paris magazine edition of September 2016. Even she never posed naked even with Gigi Hadid in Vogue UK magazine last January.