After Strict Action, Uruguay Take Portugal 2-1

After Strict Action, Uruguay Take Portugal 2-1Uruguay sent Portugal home from 2018 World Cup. Two goals Edinson Cavani ensure Uruguay 2-1 win over Portugal in a tight game.

In the final 16 of the 2018 World Cup in Fisht Olympic Stadium. Uruguay ahead quickly through Cavani scored in the 7th minute.

With that advantage, Uruguay controlled the game and frustrated Portugal. But after continuing to work, Portugal in the process able to equalize.
Sepak corner in the 55th minute can be maximized Pepe to keep the chances of his team.

It’s just that Portugal get a punch again in the 62nd minute. Cavani’s measured kick made Uruguay again lead. From here, Uruguay again able to control the game and stick with the meeting.

Although locked Uruguay, Portugal could not find the equalizing goal until the fight was over. They also had to lift the suitcase while Uruguay cruised into the quarterfinals. In that round, Uruguay will be faced with France who got rid of Argentina.
The game

Uruguay immediately pressed away to Portugal defense after kick-off. But Portugal are still able to drain the ball into the wings and create chances in the second minute.

Joao Mario released a cross from the left and headed Bernardo Silva at the far post. Not to endanger the Uruguayan goalkeeper because the ball soared.

Another opportunity for Portugal, this time built from the right side. Bernardo thrust the ball and struck Cristiano Ronaldo in front of the penalty box. Ronaldo’s kick is still right in the direction of the goalkeeper so easily secured.

First create chances, Portugal even conceded in the 7th minute. Uruguay built an attack from the right, where Edinson Cavani moved the ball to Luis Suarez on the left.

While Suarez held the ball for a moment, Cavani pushed into the penalty box. Suarez then unleashed a measured hull pass and headed Cavani unmarked at the far post.
Portugal responded with a chance in the 11th minute. From a corner kick on the right, the gastric bait is directed to the far post and headed by Jose Fonte. The effort just ended widening.

Uruguay threatened back from the dead ball in the 22nd minute. The execution of Luis Suarez from the front of the penalty box leads to the bottom right corner, but pushed over by Rui Patricio.

Portugal increased the intensity of its attacks and controlled the ball more. But Uruguay appear disciplined and aggressive push back.

Portugal get a chance from the dead ball not far in front of the penalty box in the 32nd minute. But Ronaldo’s execution just hit the player’s fence.

Portugal’s efforts to press Uruguay did not produce results until the first half ended. This European champion has not even been able to spread a really dangerous threat for 45 minutes.

Portugal threatened in the 54th minute. Portugal received the ball inside the penalty box, then handed it to Adrien Silva behind him. Silva fired a shot that hit Diego Godin and the ball rolled off the field.

From the resulting corner kick, Portugal equalized. The ball was dioperated short to Raphael Guerreiro then forwarded with a cross into the front of the penalty box. Pepe who was not well guarded welcomed the ball with his head into the goal.
But the balanced score did not last long. Portugal’s defense failed to anticipate Uruguay’s long ball well. Wild ball rolling toward Rodrigo Bentancur not far in front of the penalty box, which then pass to Cavani on the left side.

Without control, Cavani fired a curling shot into the right corner of the Portuguese goal. Patricio could not reach the ball.

Portugal get a chance in the 70th minute. Guerreiro’s cross is trying to be caught by Muslera, but is released. The ball fell at Bernardo’s feet and was greeted with a kick. His efforts soared.

Another experiment from Portugal in the 76th minute. Uruguay’s sweeping ball welcomed a corner kick to the feet of Guerreiro. Guerreiro fired a first time shot, which was still shot up into the top of the goal.

Portugal tried to lock Uruguay, but his opponent responded with a very persistent defense. Manuel Fernandes released the experiment from outside the penalty box in the 85th minute. It still leads right into the goalkeeper.

In the last seconds, Portugal had a chance. Ricardo Quaresma got the ball on the right side inside the penalty box and aimed a hard kick. Muslera can anticipate and brushed the ball off the pitch.

Until the long whistle sounded, Portugal could not get another goal.

Composition of players:

Uruguay: Fernando Muslera; Martin Caceres, Jose Gimenez, Diego Godin, Diego Laxalt; Nahit Nandez (Sanchez 81 ‘), Lucas Torreira, Matias Vecino; Rodrigo Bentancur (Rodriguez 63 ‘); Edinson Cavani (Cavani 74 ‘), Luis Suarez

Portugal: Rui Patricio; Ricardo Pereira, Pepe, Jose Fonte, Raphael Guerreiro; Bernardo Silva, William Carvalho, Adrien Silva (Quaresma 65 ‘), Joao Mario (Manuel Fernandes 85’); Goncalo Guedes (Silva 74 ‘), Cristiano Ronaldo