After Hunting for 8 Years, a 4.7 Meter Crocodile was Captured

After Hunting for 8 Years, a 4.7 Meter Crocodile was CapturedA saltwater crocodile that has been hunted for nearly a decade in the Northern Territory, Australia is reported to have been captured.

Crocodiles with a length of 15.45 feet, about 4.71 meters, were first reportedly seen on the Katherine River in 2010.

Worried about the existence of crocodiles that have a weight of 600 kilograms that would endanger humans, Northern Territory Wild Operations directly hunt him.

For eight years, the crocodile managed to disappear from the supervision of the ranger in charge until a trap was prepared two weeks ago. Once the bait is fed into the trap cage, the ranger waits patiently for the big crocodile to get trapped inside.
Finally on Monday (7/9/2018), the ranger announced it has captured the crocodile with the male sex. After that, a 2.37 meter crocodile was also captured. To the Sydney Morning Herald, ranger Chris Heydon and John Burke said they were quite surprised by the size of the captured crocodile. Because, in the area of ​​Katherine, the largest crocodile they have ever caught in 2011 has a length of about 4.6 meters. “In addition, every year the average crocodile is caught 4.2 meters.

There’s never been anything like this, “said Burke.Report Mirror Daily, Executor of Wild Nature Operations Tracey Duldig said, the crocodile will be placed in crocodile captivity 4.71 meters crocodile is by far the second largest crocodile captured by forest police authorities and recorded.

The largest river predator ever caught measuring 6.4 meters in the Mary River in 1974. The animal was killed by the way his head was cut using an ax. Known for Tasmanian Devils as well as sharks, Australia is also home to around 15,000 crocodiles. To protect citizens and tourists, ranger often patrols to track crocodiles, and then catches them to be placed in captivity.