After 113 Years of Sink, Russian Ships Loaded 200 Tons of Gold Discovered

After 113 Years of Sink, Russian Ships Loaded 200 Tons of Gold DiscoveredA South Korean treasure-search team managed to find the wreck of Russian warship Dmitrii Donskoi that sank 113 years ago.

The warship was abandoned in the waters of Ulluengdo Island in 1905 so as not to fall into the hands of Japan following the battle of Tsushima in the Russian-Japanese War at the time.

Dmitrii Donskoi is believed to be carrying a gold supply for the Second Pacific Squadron when it sank. All of the gold is currently worth 113 billion dollars.

The divers of Shinil Group have been searching the wreckage for several years and finally found the location of the ship on Saturday (14/7/2018).

The ship sank at a depth of 434 meters about 1.6 kilometers from the coast of Ulluengdo Island. The search team confirmed the wreckage was Dmitrii Donskoi because the sails and columns were the same as the missing ship.

The Russian ship has three masts, two chimneys, and uses wind and steam power to sail. The next assurance was obtained a day after the discovery after the name of the ship found written in Cyrillic letters on the stern.

The divers said the stern condition of the ship was very bad, so did his split hull. However, most of the upper decks are still intact. The armor on the hull is still in pretty good condition while the cannons, machine guns, anchors, and steering are still in place.

Meanwhile, large quantities of iron boxes were found in the storage room. Allegedly the iron boxes contained gold, although the divers had not managed to open it.

Now the shipwreck removal operation from the seabed is being done with companies from China, Canada and the UK. Shinil Group believes there are at least 200 tons of gold on the vessel that is now worth more than Rp 1,600 trillion.