Afraid of Indemnification, This Rider Pretends to Hurt When Hit

Afraid of Indemnification, This Rider Pretends to Hurt When HitA motorist in China chose to pretend to be seriously injured when he was hit by a white van.

From the surveillance camera recordings reported by Daily Mirror Thursday (26/7/2018), seen the biker was out of the way on the right.

As he turned around, he was hit by a white van that was then best and stranded in the incident that took place in Jinzhai.

The biker woke up, and then went to the van when he suddenly returned to his bike.

After a motor pickup driver stopped and was about to see the van driver, the biker lay down and pretended to be seriously injured.

Local police official Meng Zhenzhan said neither the motorist nor the van driver were seriously injured. “They collided at the intersection when the driver could not avoid the biker, and then fell,” Meng said.

He continued, the biker only suffered minor injuries that could stand up. However, he then realizes that he’s wrong.

“Maybe he’s afraid if asked to pay compensation, so he then did the action,” Meng review.

The two men reportedly prefer to solve their problems in a kinship. The police also did not snare and arrest them.