Afghan Military Helicopter Hit the Mountain, 25 Killed

Afghan Military Helicopter Hit the Mountain, 25 KilledA military helicopter crashed in western Afghanistan. A total of 25 people inside the helicopter were reported killed.

As reported by AFP, the Taliban claimed their militants shot down the Afghan military helicopter.

In a separate statement, spokesman for the Governor of Farah Province, Nasir Mehri, said the military helicopter crashed due to ‘bad weather’. Mehri said the military helicopter crashed in the Anar Dara district, which borders Iran.

Two pilots and 23 passengers inside the helicopter were confirmed dead.

Among the dead, Mehri said, there was the Deputy Commander of the Military Corps for West Afghanistan and the Head of the Farah Provincial Council.

In a separate statement, local provincial council member Dadullah Qaneh said the military helicopter hit the mountain peak amid bad weather while flying towards Herat Province.

It is known that Afghan government and military officials often travel by military helicopters in areas occupied by the Taliban. The falling helicopter incident is also not a rare event in a country that is still hit by this conflict.

In September, an Afghan military helicopter carrying weapons and ammunition caught fire while carrying out an “emergency landing” in the Farah region. At least four people were killed in the incident.