About the Red Ribbon on Lionel Messi’s Left Feet

About the Red Ribbon on Lionel Messi's Left FeetLionel Messi’s action in the match against Nigeria helped Argentina qualify for the last 16 of the 2018 World Cup. After the match, he showed a red ribbon on his left foot.

Messi was criticized for failing to lift the team’s performance. Prior to the decisive game, he was still hollow goals. He even failed to execute a penalty when Argentina was arrested Iceland.

Messi just look brilliant when facing Nigeria in Saint Petersburg Stadium,. He scored the opening goal when his side won 2-1 and qualified for the knockout phase as a representative of Group D.
After the game, Messi then interviewed a TV journalist named Rama Pantorotto in Mixed Zone. On that occasion, the journalist asked Messi, about the prize given by him after the game against Iceland.

“After the first game, I gave you a lucky charm from my wife I do not know if you still have it or throw it away,” Pantorotto asked Messi.
Messi who was happy after Argentina escaped, then nodded. He showed me a red ribbon attached to his left ankle, smiling.

Pantorotto was clearly excited. He then berselukur grateful Messi ala after the player left the Mixed Zone area. The plebos headed journalist also expressed his joy on Twitter. He claimed touched amulets in the form of a red ribbon from his wife really worn Messi, who eventually passed Argentina to the last 16.
Messi will then lead Argentina against France in the round of 16 large. Would Messi still be wearing a red band of talisman giving Rama Pantorotto the journalist?