A Thick White Black Appearance in Recent Posters ‘The Nun’

A Thick White Black Appearance in Recent Posters 'The Nun'Warner Bros with New Line studio presents a gripping terror of the universe ‘The Conjuring’ through ‘The Nun’. The latest poster of the film has been released.

This poster is different from the poster that accompanies the teaser trailer that has aired a month ago.

Nuanced black and white, the latest poster ‘The Nun’ gives the spotlight on the figure of a devil of a nun named Valak. Half of his sightings featured the endangered nun played by Taissa Farmiga.

The alignment of two interrelated images in the two characters gives a clear picture of goodness vs. evil. Black vs. white. Light vs. dark. Moreover, this poster affixed the tagline, ‘watch the darkest chapter in The Conjuring Universe’ in the picture.

This statement becomes an additional claim of some previous films. Call it ‘The Conjuring 2’ where Valak makes his debut so scary. Also the first ‘Annabelle’ which also makes not just hair goose bumps.

James Wan who became director in the sequel ‘The Conjuring’ now take part as a producer. The film was submitted to Corin Hardy who directed ‘The Hallow’.

‘The Nun’ became the fruit of the success of ‘The Conjuring’ which earned revenue of $ 1.2 billion as recorded at the box office. The film is scheduled for release September 7th.