A Super Russian Missile Test Lookout That Can Reach the Whole World

A Super Russian Missile Test Lookout That Can Reach the Whole WorldRussia reportedly tested a super-missile that is claimed to reach all the places in the world.

Proclaimed Daily Mirror Friday (20/7/2018), the Russian Ministry of Defense announced successfully carry out tests on Burevestnik.

Burevestnik or 9M730 is a nuclear-powered cruiser missile that is claimed to have unlimited distances.

In the released video, the missile was swiftly cruising toward a cloud, where an aircraft recorded its path.

Then the video moves to a factory that is believed to be a Burevestnik manufacture, and shows the technicians are tinkering with components.

One of the heads of researchers, Sergey Pertsev, commented on the video by stating the government deliberately conducted the test. “From that test, technicians, designers, to researchers can get accurate data useful to improve the missile,” he said.

In the local media reports of “Red Bear” State, Burevestnik can immediately change the course so that the missile defense system will not be able to stop it.

Because it is powered by nuclear, cruise missiles can stay in the air at any time, and can carry both nuclear and conventional warheads. Burevestnik is one of the latest weapons that President Vladimir Putin introduced at a federal board meeting in March.

In his speech, Putin said the missile could penetrate any target on Earth. “Nobody has, if any, then we will think of something new,” he said.

The test news comes after Putin met with President of the United States (US) Donald Trump in Finland on Monday (16/07/2018)