A stack of 2,800 year old jewelry found in Kazakhstan

A stack of 2,800 year old jewelry found in KazakhstanA 2,800-year-old royal treasure is found in a remote mountainous region in the eastern region of Kazakhstan.

A total of 3,000 gold jewelry and other valuable items were found by archaeologists at an ancient burial site in the Tarbagatai mountains.

The treasure called “very precious” is believed to belong to the royal family of the Saka people who lived in Central Asia in the eighth century BC.

Among the valuable objects found are bell-shaped earrings, gold plates, gold plates, gold chains, and necklaces studded with precious stones.

Besides, it was also found that fabrics with gold beads made with a very complicated technology proved the level of ability of jewelry making extraordinary at that time.

Archaeologists now hope to find the remains of couples who allegedly became the owner of the extraordinary treasure.

However, hinga now archaeologists have not dig the location that is the tomb of the couple.

Professor Zainolla Samashev, who leads the excavations, said the wealth buried in the place indicates a married couple were buried there.

“They are the rulers or the people who are the elite of the Saka people,” said Zainolla. Meanwhile, regional head of Eastern Kazakhstan Danial Akhmetov said the findings gave a different view of the history of the Kazakh nation.

These ancient peoples have already had remarkable abilities in terms of mining, trading, and jewelry making. “We are descendants of a great nation that has exceptional technology,” Akhmetov said.

In the Eleke Sazy plateau there are about 200 ancient tomb sites where such possessions have been looted for centuries. The highland with lush meadows is considered a “paradise” by the kings of the Saka people.

“There are many tombs here and the opportunity to find more treasures is very open,” said the famous Kazakh archaeologist Yerben Oralbai.

The Saka nation is part of the Sythian nation, a nomadic civilization that once lived in Central Asia down to Siberia. Saka Nation is known to have a language similar to the language used by the Iranian nation.