A Shark Makes Tourists Panic in the Spanish Beaches of Spain

A Shark Makes Tourists Panic in the Spanish Beaches of SpainA shark is seen swimming on a beach in Mallorca, Spain. The shark could panic tourists.

Reporting from The Independent, Saturday (08/04/2018), 3-meter sharks are seen swimming in shallow areas in Cala Domingos, Mallorca, Thursday (2/8). Cala Domingos is a popular sandy beach on the east coast of Mallorca.

At that time the beach was crowded with tourists, including children. They are looking for a safe place with among them rising to the rocks to avoid sharks while watching the shark swim.

Beach officials told the local newspaper that the shark had panicked tourists. The police who came to the location then temporarily closed the beach area.

There were no reports of casualties due to the existence of the shark. It’s just that the shark died after being lifted from the sea to be evacuated by animal experts and a number of officials. The shark is reported to be in poor health.

The incident at Cala Domingos occurred 5 months after a white shark was seen off to the beach in Mallorca. The appearance of white sharks at that time became the first after 30 years.