A Rhino Seeks to Roll a Car in a Mexico Safari Park

A Rhino Seeks to Roll a Car in a Mexico Safari ParkA tense moment was captured by a video camera when a rhinoceros tried to overthrow a one-family car at the African Safari park in Puebla, Mexico.

In the tape it was seen that the big man was seen bending his head and pushing the 4×4 car by using his horn.

The incident was recorded by another family just behind the car driven by the rhino.

After Moving to New Places There was clearly a scream of family fear in the car as the rhino continued to push the vehicle.

The animal shook the car after trying to overthrow the vehicle by using its horn.

Getting such an attack, the driver tried to escape by pressing the gas deeply and honking the horn to scare the rhinoceros.

However, the rhino shrank, remaining in the back of the car, and trying to push the vehicle with his head.

“What happens is a rare case that is closely related to the natural habits of this species,” the park manager said.

“We have taken the necessary steps to prevent similar things from recurring in the future,” added the park manager.

The manager added that the rhinoceros is now separated and placed on the other side of the safari park until the female rhino’s fertile period ends. No one was injured in the incident.