A Religious Prominent Female Woman Lawyer on Television

A Religious Prominent Female Woman Lawyer on TelevisionA religious leader must deal with police after slapping a woman in a live television broadcast in India.
Maulana Ejaz Arshad Qasmi, the name of the religious leader, slapped Farah Faiz, a lawyer who opposed the triple divorce rule that was heavily debated in India.

According to some media, the debate on talk show or talk show at Zee Hindustan television station was heated up when Farah argued that the three divorce rule is not the divorced way taught by the Quran.

This statement provoked a quarrel between Farah and Maulana. This pertengkarah then led to the struggle between the two men.

Pieces of this melee video then viral on social media. Some netizens condemned Maulana’s behavior but not a few who called Farah slapped the cleric first.

The issue of triple divorce is indeed a heated debate in India, even PM Narendra Modi had several times argued about the problem.

In fact, India’s Supreme Court last year banned citizens of the country using this concept to divorce as unconstitutional.

On Wednesday, Federal Minister Ravi Shankar wrote to congressional opposition leader Rahul Gandhi on the importance of passing a law banning the concept of triple divorce.

In addition, India must impose criminal penalties for anyone who violates the rule of ban of triple divorce. On the other hand, a number of Muslim organizations are asking the government not to interfere with the rules of Islam because it will only create divisions in society.