A Man Performs “Kiki Challenge” While Burning His Car

A Man Performs "Kiki Challenge" While Burning His CarThe Kiki Challenge fever that is happening in the world is also carried out by a man in Tyumen Oblast, Russia.

The man did it after burning the car first. The man named Sergei Palavinkin uploaded his action on Instagram.

Initially he made a move from the song In My Feelings.

The camera then moved away, and showed the car burning on the streets of Tyumen at night. Palavinkin’s action immediately drew criticism from Russian media.

“This generation has lost direction,” said the account named Vertical26.

Local media reported, Palavinkin was immediately arrested by police shortly after carrying out his actions, and spent the entire night in prison. Not only that.

Palavinkin’s valuables such as passports, driver’s licenses, and his cellphone were also reported to be on fire. It was not explained whether Palavinkin’s valuables burned because he did it on purpose or not.

Fever from a song popularized by Canadian rapper Drake was performed by people from all over the world. Some of them do it by getting out of the running car.

Their actions caused various state security forces to issue a ban on Kiki Challenge. Police in Florida, United States (US), warned anyone who was found to be fined 1,000 US dollars,