9 Reasons Why Soccer Players Often Make Beautiful Women Inclined

9 Reasons Why Soccer Players Often Make Beautiful Women InclinedHandsome and deep pockets are often considered a major factor that makes soccer stars crazy for many women. But it turns out according to research, there are other factors beyond that. Anything? This is the explanation of the experts.
1. Football players generally have an ideal athletic body. Their bodies are sturdy, but their muscles are not too big. According to sports and orthopedic health experts. David Geier, many people see the body of a footballer whose muscles are evenly more attractive than the basker athlete whose muscular shoulders and arms are so large that it looks intimidating.
2. Football athletes are trained to have high body endurance. This factor turned out to also make them favored women. Researchers from the Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of Zurich revealed the results of studies that show the attractiveness of men was not just a handsome face and sturdy body, but also the immune system. “Unlike basketball and football players, footballers have an ideal combination of strength and endurance,” Erik Postma said, as quoted by Time
3. Many matches make the ball player has a competitive nature. Quoted from Ezine, some women regard this trait as a plus. Competitive men will do many ways to achieve their goals. Not only competitive menggocek ball, but also hook beautiful women.
4. Football players can be said to have the ideal body shape. Not too thin, not too big too not too fat. Exercise done almost every day to make football players can keep their body shape. They are accustomed to exercise. Women like men who can keep their body shape because it reflects a healthy and fertile body
5. Every ball player has a fit body. Football and gym practice also makes them a strong man. This makes the women fall in love because in general have a strong partner will cause a sense of security and protected.
6. Football players are generally not ashamed to show their emotions in the middle of the field, with millions of people watching. Whether it’s crying because of defeat, touched after winning, shouting out of annoyance, or any other form of emotion. Their openness to the emotional side of the field often makes women dissolve
7. The tough, strong and fragile side of the cut is one of the factors that attracts a man in the eyes of the opposite sex. A study conducted in 2011 revealed that men look more attractive when they are not ashamed to show their emotions. With courage to show emotions, women are more familiar with the original personality
8. Have you ever felt melted when you see football stars hugging their teammates very sincerely? Not only teammates, even they are also not reluctant to entertain his sad opponent for losing. The side of sportsmanship and gentle that makes the charisma of a football player increasingly radiated.

9. Almost all football athletes ever show off flat stomach and his sixpack in the middle of the field. Whether it’s opening a T-shirt to exchange jersey with an opponent after a game, do a goal celebration or wipe the sweat. Which woman does not like to see a sexy flat belly?