9 People Including 1 Child Shot in Toronto, Perpetrator Killed

At least 9 people including a child were hit by gunfire outside a restaurant in Toronto, Canada. The shooter was reportedly killed at the scene.

As reported by Reuters and CNN, Monday (23/7/2018), the shooting occurred in the area of ​​Greektown, Toronto on Sunday (22/7) night at around 22:00 local time. The motive for the shooting is not known for sure.

A number of eyewitnesses, as quoted by local Canadian media CityNews.com, reported that they heard 20-25 gunshots at the scene. Eyewitnesses also admitted hearing the sound of firearms being replenished in the middle of the shooting.

“And then, I saw the chaos as I ran into the streets to get to the sound of gunfire,” the eyewitness said. “I saw at least four people being shot,” he added.

Other local media, CTVNews.com, reported that the shooter had been killed at the scene. But it was not explained who killed the perpetrator. The identity of the perpetrator has not yet been announced by the local authority.