75 Smuggled Luxury Vehicles worth US $ 5.6 Million Destroyed, Duterte Looks Furious

75 Smuggled Luxury Vehicles worth US $ 5.6 Million Destroyed, Duterte Looks FuriousPhilippine President Rodrigo Duterte, witnessed the destruction of 75 smuggling luxury cars and motorcycles seized by customs.

A total of 68 luxury cars such as Lamborghini, Mustang, and Porsche and eight motorcycles destroyed on Monday (30/7/2018).

The entire luxury vehicle is worth no less than 298 million pesos or US $ 5.6 Million .
Duterte wearing a white project helmet looks cheered as the bulldozers smash smuggled cars in St. Anna, Cagayan, northern Philippines.

In his speech before the destruction began, Duterte admitted he would not be able to root out corruption and smuggling thoroughly in his tenure.

However, destroying the smuggled cars is still important to do. “I do this because we have to show the world that this country deserves to be a place of investment and business,” said Duterte.

“And the only way to show that is we have to be productive and prove the economy is running to absorb people’s productivity,” added Duterte.

Dozens of luxury cars destroyed were part of 800 smuggled cars and motorcycles seized by Cagayan port authorities. Not only this time Duterte destroy smashed luxury cars. In February, he did the same thing by destroying dozens of Jaguars, BMWs, and a Corvette Stingray

According to government records, last year the Philippine Customs Bureau thwarted smuggling of luxury cars

In the past, such confiscated cars will be confiscated before being auctioned openly. However, Duterte asserted, he prefers to destroy the cars rather than profit from the proceeds of crime.