7 Wierd Ways Restaurant Serve Food On Sandals to Umbrella,

Food Served inside an upside down umbrella
Food Served inside an upside down umbrella

What Does It Mean on the Wstafel[/caption]When eating at a restaurant not only the taste of a good menu, but the way of presentation is often a concern. Not a few restaurants that serve food to customers in a way that is somewhat unique.

Not only to attract customers, this unique presentation is often done as a hallmark of each restaurant. Therefore, many restaurants are competing in serving food in a unique way.

Unfortunately, sometimes the unique way tends to weird and make us can not think. Not only in Indonesia, in fact many restaurants from various countries that also have a unique concept in serving the menu to customers.

Quoted Boredpanda, here are portraits of various ways weird restaurants serve food that can make you guns out of thought. Curious?

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