3 People Killed in Shooting at US Bar, Actor Hunted Police

3 People Killed in Shooting at US Bar, Actor Hunted PoliceUS police are hunting for two gunmen who opened fire at a crowd outside a bar in New Orleans. At least three people were killed and seven others wounded in the incident.

As reported by AFP on Monday (7/30/2010), the hunt for two men suspected of being the perpetrators of the shooting that occurred on Saturday (28/7) at midnight in a ‘daiquiri shop’ in New Orleans, is still ongoing until now.

“Detectives have set two unidentified subjects carrying weapons believed to be wearing jackets with a headscarf allegedly approaching a group of people standing outside a business venue and firing a gunshot, attacking 10 individuals,” the police said.

After opening fire, the two perpetrators fled. The local police inspector, Michael Harrison, called one of the suspects believed to be carrying a rifle, while one other suspect was carrying a hand gun.

“We believe the perpetrator actually stood on one of the victims and fired several shots and then after that escaped,” Harrison told reporters. “This must be a private matter,” he added.

“Blasting shots at the crowd? Shooting 10 people? Killing three people? It’s a private matter, it can not be more personal and we consider it a private matter,” he said.

“Whoever does this, you should know that law enforcement officers take it personally and we come to you,” Harrison said.

Three deaths were made up of two men and one woman. “(All three) were declared dead instantly at the scene,” local police spokesman Aaron Looney said in a statement.

Seven injured, five men and two women, were rushed to a local hospital. Local media, NBC, reported that one of the victims is now in critical condition at a local hospital after undergoing surgery.

The motive for the shooting is not known for sure. “We’ll find it in the investigation that’s deliberate but we do not know if it’s gang-related,” said Harrison.