249 Prisoners of Food Poisoning at Japanese Sendai Prison

249 Prisoners of Food Poisoning at Japanese Sendai PrisonHundreds of inmates in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan, have food poisoning. Recorded at least 249 detainees reported problems with their health.

Reporting from Japan Today, Friday (29/06/2018), the incident occurred on Tuesday (26/6) morning local time. The location of the incident is at Sendai Detention Center and Tohoku Youth Detention Center.

Fuji TV reported, the prisoners complained of abdominal pain and suffered from diarrhea. Those who complain about the same thing are known to eat the same foods.
Cooking facilities at two locations were closed from Thursday (27/6) to Saturday (30/6) tomorrow. Sendai City Health Authority has examined 23 inmates assigned to cook that day.

Rei Abe’s Director of Prison said it would tighten the control of health facilities in prisons.

Previously there has been a similar incident. A total of 223 inmates at Miyagi prison suffered poisoning in October 2017.

Abe said he would closely monitor measures for hygiene control at detention facilities.