21 Ancient Man Skull Stolen from the Historical Church of England

21 Ancient Man Skull Stolen from the Historical Church of EnglandTwenty-one ancient human skulls have been stolen from an ossuary or a tomb in a historic church in Hythe, Kent, England.

Police suspect thieves enter St. Leonard between Sunday noon to Monday morning by destroying the padlock.

Osuarium St. Leonard is thought to have kept some of the bones between 2,000 and 4,000 people. More than 1,000 skulls are lined on ossuary shelves, which also contain bones and skulls over 7 meters long by 1.8 meters wide. The bones are estimated to be between 900 and 600 years old.

“Osuarium ‘is the name given to an object or place built to serve as the last resting place of the remains of a human skeleton,” said Reverend Andrew Sweeney, who heads St. John’s Church. Leonard in a statement that was launched Newsweek, Thursday (19/07/2018).

“We are saddened that some people’s greed, selfishness, or stupidity has destroyed the assumption of common human values.”

St. John’s Church Leonard has now installed an expensive security system to help protect his bone collection.

The definite origins of the bones in St. Leonard is still a mystery. Some theories say that the bones were the bones of the Danish pirates, the victims of the Black Death plague or the fallen army of the famous Battle of Hastings in England.

The latest scientific analysis of the bones revealed that more than half were female bones, and approximately 10 percent were from teenagers. This led the experts to conclude the bones were likely remnants of local residents collected and stored during the expansion of the church to the grave land that had been there.

“Each skull taken represents a decent human body to rest in peace. There is no reasonable reason for these skulls to be in anyone’s hands except the church, “said Reverend Sweeney.

“We realize this may be an unusual theft, but these skulls are not free to take, they are part of a vital collection and we want to see them back in the legitimate place in the underground tomb,” said Kent Police Inspector Maxine Harris.