2018 Asian Games Football Results: Defeat Hong Kong, Indonesia Group Champion

2018 Asian Games Football Results: Defeat Hong Kong, Indonesia Group ChampionIndonesia’s U-23 national team ensured that they won the 2018 Asian Games Group A championship. ‘Garuda Muda’ won 3-1 over Hong Kong despite being left behind.

Compete at the Patriot Chandrabhaga stadium on Monday (08/20/2018) night WIB, Indonesia and Hong Kong have been confirmed to have passed before. One of the two will at least finish as one of the four best third-ranked teams.

Indonesia left behind after Lau Hok Ming’s break in the 38th minute. This score lasts until the first round is over. In the second round, Indonesia increased its intensity.

Irfan Jaya equalized in the 46th minute. Victory is then determined in the final minutes of the match.

Stefano Lilipaly reversed the position in the 85th minute. Hanif Sjahbandi locked the victory with his goal in injury time.

With this result, the position in the Group A final standings changes. Indonesia finished as group winners with nine points from four matches, followed by Palestine with eight points. While Hong Kong finished third with seven points.

In the last 16, Indonesia will face the United Arab Emirates.

The Way of the Match

Indonesia tries to start the game with a fast tempo. But Hong Kong held tight and persistent. Hong Kong also plays low tempo balls while in control.

Febri Haryadi stabbed in the 10th minute, but his cross could still be driven away by Hong Kong’s defense.

After having difficulty penetrating Hong Kong’s defenses, Indonesia got a gap on the right entering half an hour of play. It’s just that Febri’s cross is still right on the goalkeeper. While the Irfan Jaya trial can be broken.

Hong Kong pressed back in the 36th minute. Tan Chun Lok’s kick was still sliding heavily over the crossbar.

Hong Kong’s efforts paid off two minutes later. Hull bait from the right side in the penalty box leads to Lau Hok Ming at the far post. Lau was not guarded and gore the ball from close range into the goal.

Indonesia increases its intensity. Rezaldi Hehanussa kicked in the 42nd minute leading to the bottom left corner of the goal, but still easily secured by the goalkeeper.

Indonesia tried to keep pressing, but until the first half ended there was no goal created. Indonesia is 0-1 behind Hong Kong.

Not a minute in the second half, Indonesia equalized the score. Lilipaly’s breakthrough bait leads to the right side and Irfan Jaya is accepted in a free position. Irfan pointed to the penalty box and released a hard kick that could not be dammed by Hong Kong goalkeeper.

Indonesian pressure produced a chance in the 52nd minute. Hong Kong lost the ball in a third of their field. The ball was controlled by Lilipaly who immediately fired a hard shot. Still soaring.

Indonesia got a chance from a free kick in the 62nd minute. Rezaldi’s hard kick could be brushed aside by the Hong Kong goalkeeper. Saddil’s experiment seven minutes later was also stopped by the goalkeeper.

The Indonesian experiment from a corner kick in the 82nd minute had not yielded results. Feeding Evan Dimas’s hull on Hansamu’s horn, but still wide to the right.

After his shot went wide in the 84th minute, Lilipaly scored a minute later. He received a pass in front of the penalty box, beat one player, then released a horizontal kick that beat the goalkeeper.

Indonesia created another opportunity in the 90th minute. Saddil stabbed from the right, passed the player, and fired a shot wide after hitting the opponent.

During injury time, Indonesia added a goal. Lilipaly’s cross was struck by Hanif Sjahbandi in front of goal. The match ended shortly afterwards, Indonesia won 3-1.

Player composition:

Indonesia: Andritany, I Putu Gede, Hansamu, Ricky Fajrin, Rezaldi, Zulfiandi, Evan Dimas, Irfan Jaya (Saddil Ramdani 60 ‘), Lilipaly, Febri (Septian David 80’), Beto (Sjahbandi 92 ‘)

Hong Kong: Yuen Ho Chun, Tsui Wang Kit, Lau Hok Ming, Lilley Nunez; Tan Chun Lok, Lam Ka Wai, Wu Chun Ming, Lam Hin Ting (Yu Pui 70 ‘), Law Hiu Chung (Dujardin 76’); Chung Wai Keung (Cheng 87 ‘), Orr Matthew