12 Boy Ball Players Caught in Thai Cave, Coach Apologies to Parents

12 Boy Ball Players Caught in Thai Cave, Coach Apologies to ParentsA total of 12 boys of local Thai football clubs along with their coaches are still trapped inside a flooded cave. The coach also apologized to the parents for the incident that befell them this.

The boys who joined the local football club called ‘Wild Boars’ that entered into the cave on June 23 last, with one of their coaches. The boys come into the cave after practicing football together. Inside the cave, their journey stopped when heavy rains flooded and the cave was flooded. They are trapped inside the cave and can not get out because the access flooded out.

As reported by AFP on Saturday (7/7/2018), coach named Eckapol Chantawong (25) also trapped with the boys for 9 days before their position was tracked by rescue workers on Monday (2/7). The boys trapped in the cave are known to be 11-16 years old.

To the parents of the boys who continue to be overwhelmed by concerns over the condition of their sons, Ekkapol apologizes through a written message entrusted to one of the divers who has found them. The message was given Ekkapol on Friday (6/7) yesterday and published through Facebook account SEAL Navy of Thailand on Saturday (7/7) of this.

“For the parents, all the kids are still okay, I promise to keep the kids as good as possible,” Ekkapol said in his written message.

“Thank you for all moral support and I apologize to the parents,” Ekkapol added.

The locations of 12 boys and their coaches are known, but attempts to evacuate them out of the cave can not be done. The reason, access to the cave out still inundated with water. The only way to get out of the cave is by diving through the water that filled the cave booth.

Rescue teams intend to teach the boys and his coaches to dive with full equipment. But this effort is pressed by a limited time, given the heavy rains continue to flush and cave can be increasingly submerged in water.

The latest development of rescue operation team leader, Narongsak Osottanakorn, declared ‘unsuitable’ to make the boys dive out. The option of taking the boys out of the cave by diving further fueled concerns after a reliable diver who was a former Thai Navy SEAL member named Saman Kunan died of oxygen depletion, while diving out of the cave.